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How MatchCasts works

Set up your ad account and build your audio campaign on our self-serve platform.


MatchCasts algorithm automatically match your campaign with the relevant podcasts. Confirm your match and launch.​

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Gain insights into your campaign analytics including demographics and reach and measure the true reach of you brand ROIs.

Your Brand, Your Way
Create a host-read script or upload your own audio ads. Run your audio campaign the way you prefer to align it with your brand. Choose from a variety of advertising options from pre-roll, midroll to a variety of sponsorship options.
Multi-Language Audio Campaign
Need to run an audio campaign in Vietnam in Vietnamese or Indonesia in Bahasa? Not a problem! MatchCasts specialize in multi-language campaign across multiple Asian countries. Connect with listeners and customers in local language.
Payment Protection
Your campaign payment will be held securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign period and is only released to the podcasters upon completion of the campaign. That way, your money is safe and secure with us.
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