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Why Podcasts?

Podcasts and on-demand, spoken word audio are exploding globally.
Podcast advertising are growing 80% YoY to over 2 billion globally by 2020.
Over 300,000 shows and 4 million episodes of content in over 100 languages are added globally each year.

1 in 3

Over 33% people worldwide listens to a podcast each month. Your customers is amongst the listenership.


The number of non-english language podcast outpace English language podcast globally. We make it easy to find podcasts in Asia.

$75,000 and more

Over 50% of podcast listeners makes $75,000 or more per annum. High affluent listeners makes for potential customers.

50% and more

Listen to podcast at home while 30% listen during their daily commute. Your podcast advertising reach them where it matters.

4.4x more effective

Podcast ads are 4.4x more effective than display ads in converting listeners to customers.

8% - 14%

Advertisers in podcasts sees 8%-14% in brand lift increase.

Podcast Advertising Made Easy
Create a host-read script or upload your own audio ads. Run your audio campaign the way you prefer to align it with your brand. Choose from a variety of advertising options from pre-roll, midroll to a variety of sponsorship options.
Self-serve platform to launch it all
Need to run an audio campaign in Vietnam in Vietnamese or Indonesia in Bahasa? Not a problem! MatchCasts specialize in multi-language campaign across multiple Asian countries. Connect with listeners and customers in local language.
Post-campaign analysis in a single dashboard
Campaign tracking and cross platform attribution in a single dashboard. Gain insights and analyze your campaign with demographics, reach and listenership data.
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